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allowing windows 7 / IE 9 NTLM client authentication to CAS-JASIG servers

I have just spent two hours trying to get a Win7 machine with IE 9 to connect to the intranet, which uses CAS-JASIG with NTLM as single sign on service (only inside the company private network)

if you’re stuck in the same problem, do this:

of course… (this is imperative)

– in IE / Settings / Advanced settings, activate Integrated Windows Authentication
– in IE / Settings / Security, add the intranet URL to the trusted sites

but here comes the tricky part:

you will need to change your registry to force Win7 to allow authentication with old-fashioned NTLM servers 🙂 (do this at your own risk, this change solved my problem, but it could make your computer go nuts and destroy the human race)

using an editor (like NOTEPAD) make a .reg file with the following lines:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Hope it helps. Maybe this will save you hours of headache reading Microsoft Knowledge Base. 🙂

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